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RPS 007 / Riebsamen Panel System
Innovative ways of simplifying work in erecting solar parks!
Sensitive, powerful and safe!
Working with the RPS is fun when millimetre accuracy is needed – thanks to the highly sensitive radio remote control. The RPS picks up the solar panels from the transport case by suction and transports them through the site. It deposits the solar panel onto the substructure at the assembly location.
The flexible operating arm is capable of reaching over the substructure and picking up further panels from the next row. In this way, as many as 6 solar panels can be deposited onto the designated assembly locations from one position. Solar modules can be erected efficiently and quickly in a new minutes.
MarkerSiegfried Riebsamen personally gives in-depth training to all employees of    companies purchasing an RPS. The training can be carried out on the building    site or in the company – as the customer pleases.  
Marker RPS 007 - Data:
Three-dimensional suction head:

- Continuous slewing ring
- Hydraulic lift/tilt
- Hydraulic pivot range
- Lifting capacity 200 kg
RPS 007 / Technical Data:
Weight: 1750 kg
Overall length: 4000 mm
Overall width: 1500 mm
Overall height: 2250 mm
Reach of operating arm: 3500 mm
Pivot range: endless at operating arm
Dual-circuit vacuum system  
Compressed air quick-release system  

Kubota Diesel - 17 HP
3 cylinders with electric
starter and water cooling
Paintwork: RAL 3002 / 9005
Quality "Made in Germany"
Our RPS Riebsamen Panel System is designed and manufactured exclusively in the company’s own workshops in Germany by trained specialists.
Technical data are subject to change at any time, without notice, in the
interest of product improvement.
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