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3 multi-talented crane models for everyday use
The Euro-Multi crane is an all-rounder for everyday use by natural stoneworks, stone masonry companies and garden and landscape designers. The crane's flexibility allows working even on unsurfaced terrain. The terrain capability is achieved by hydraulic caterpillar drive with gauge spacing adjustment. Four individually controlled, hydraulic outriggers give the crane a high degree of stability, allowing it to work with heavy loads at uneven inclinations. For independent operation of site lighting, power drills, power angle grinders, etc., a standard 220 V power generator is installed. An added benefit is the crane’s ability to move in confined spaces and turn on the spot.
Here are 3 the different versions of the crane:
Marker Crane Typ 230
Marker Crane Typ 380
Marker Crane Typ 510
One of our considerations in developing this crane was to make it an attractive financial proposition with regard to both acquisition and running costs. The investment pays for itself after around 300 deployments in terms of the time saved because the crane can be moved and operated by one person – and without a long familiarization period.
All models are manufactured in accordance with strict operational safety requirements (including CE-compliance) and are inspected by the German technical inspectorate TÜV-Südwest.
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