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The Riebsamen Euro-Multi Excavator / cemetery excavator

The ideal aid for damp proofing, renovation of old buildings and cellar excavation and cemetery.
Picture the situation?
You have to dig a grave in a densely occupied cemetery with no way through for your machinery, so the grave has to be dug manually, taking up hours of labor time. This is a thing of the past with the Riebsamen excavator that lets you operate in the tightest spaces.
The continuously adjustable outriggers allow the excavator to be ready for use in minutes on a secure base. Push-fit "shoes" increase the outrigger support area, preventing the excavator sinking into soft ground.
Supplementary equipment for the Euro-Multi Excavator:
MarkerRadio control
MarkerGauge spacing adjustment from 60 to 90 cm
MarkerHydraulic chisel
MarkerRamps: aluminum ramps in various lengths
MarkerSuspension: for crane loading onto a truck
MarkerElectric motor: 380 V
MarkerContinuous pivoting range
MarkerVarious shovel widths possible
Marker Euro Multi-Excavator - data:
Technical data:  
Machine weight: 1900 kg
Pivoting range: 300 degrees
Caterpillar width: 600 mm / 900 mm
Overall length: 3000 mm
Overall height: 1950 mm
Engine (Kubota, diesel) water-cooled, sound-insulated
Cylinders: 3
Maximum power: 26 HP
Maximum forward speed: approx. 6 km/h
Maximum reverse speed: approx. 6 km/h
Volume: 100 l
Dimensions: 830 mm x 760 mm
(with torque motor, bolt-on teeth
and ejector)
Standard features:  
- Attachment eyes for transport
- Attachment eyes for loading
- Hydrostatic drive with automatic brake
- Clamshell grab - 830 mm x 760 mm
- Continuous torque motor, ejector and bolt-on teeth
- Four hydraulic outriggers, all continuously pivoting through 90 degrees
All parts are guaranteed for 2 years
(3 years if correctly operated and maintained at the factory in Allmannsweiler)
Delivery approx. 10-12 weeks after receipt of order.
Riebsamen’s general terms and conditions apply.
Free delivery and operator briefing within Germany.
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